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Why Tattoo Parlors Should Have an Online Presence

The tattoo industry is highly competitive, and most communities having multiple parlors within short distances of one another. With a strong online presence, you can stand out to the thousands of potential customers who use their computers and smartphones to find a reputable tattoo parlor.

Multiple organizations have conducted research that shows anywhere between 81 and 89 percent of consumers conduct online research before they make a purchasing decision. While the result is broad, what they all can agree on is that the percentage is approaching the 90 percent mark. This also means that a consumer looking for the right tattoo parlor will come across multiple tattoo parlor websites, so you have to make sure your site has an edge on the competition.

A well-designed website also helps you better serve the customers that you already have by keeping them informed. Tattoo customers like to know when their favorite parlor is offering a discount or if there will be any special events. These customers can also share the website on social media, giving your business more exposure. Designing your website using a template will allow you to capture all the benefits of having a site, without most of the associated costs.

What Can a Tattoo Salon Website Be Used for?

A tattoo salon website can be used to inform existing and potential customers of discounts and the latest news. It is also a space to show off a tattoo portfolio that can help potential customers make informed decisions. Artist biographies, portfolios for each individual artist, a blog, contact information, business hours, the history of the salon, and activities within the community are just some of the elements that you might want to consider.

Here are 3 common use cases for websites, particularly
template websites, in the tattoo industry:



Tattoo artists may want their own websites in order to showcase their work as an individual rather than part of a salon or group. It’s also a great spot to publish a digital catalogue of your most popular designs.


Parlors can include information about tattoo styles, types, and give design ideas. This shows potential customers that you know your stuff.



These are huge events that deserve to have their own sites because of the number of artists who will be present. The when and where should be included, as well as any other pertinent information. This is also a space to talk about the talented tattoo artists that will be present and even show photos of their work. This type of multipurpose website is geared toward getting customers to come, but it also attracts talented artists to participate.

Why Is Perfect for a Tattoo Website

Having a tattoo salon website has many advantages, but not everyone is a webmaster. There are many facets to running a business. While a site is an extremely important part of the puzzle, you don’t want to spend all your time and money on website design. A good website template company can give you the guidance you need to complete the puzzle so you can have a great design without all of the hassle. That’s what does for you.

Tattoo Salon Spotlight

An example of a tattoo shop that has seen a lot of success online is the American Electric Tattoo Shop in Los Angeles. The old-fashioned shop has a modern marketing touch through its website. It is a top-ranking site on Google, making it among the first that potential customers see. This shop has been in business since 1999 and had to move to a new location to better accommodate its needs and customers. This website talks about the parlor, the artists and their portfolios, and the great deal of press that it receives. By taking advantage of the low-cost options made available by, you too can have a powerful online presence that gets results.

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