Website Templates

for Restaurants

Website Templates for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, which is why it is important to have a website.

Beautiful restaurant websites make a statement. They help customers decide whether to eat at a specific restaurant. That decision is largely based on knowing the business hours, the menu offerings, and what the restaurant is like. As more consumers are basing their buying decisions on information that they find on the internet, giving the information that customers seek in an attractive package can go a long way.

What Can a Restaurant Website Be Used for?

Although social media sites like Facebook provide restaurants with valuable tools, such as posting business hours and photos, you’ll notice that it does have a space to place the URL to your website. This is important because social media and restaurant websites work together.

Facebook isn’t meant to be a standalone marketing tool when the average post has a lifecycle of just over three hours. That’s not enough time to reach everyone. In addition, without paying for a Facebook ad or boost, posts only reach an average of 20 percent of your page followers.

Where Facebook can be your avenue to interact with customers in real-time, your website is where all the information can be found about your restaurant. As useful as Facebook is, most consumers turn to Google or other search engines to find what they want because the results are presented to them more clearly.

Whether you want a simple restaurant website or something spectacular, here are pieces of information you can integrate:

  • Information about your restaurant, such as its history
  • An inviting message on the homepage that keeps visitors on the website
  • Contact information and a map so visitors can see how to get there
  • A menu
  • Prices on menu items so that visitors can get an idea of what they will spend
  • A photo gallery that shows the food and the interior of the restaurant
  • A video if you’d like to take people on a virtual tour
  • A calendar of events if your restaurant travels or holds events for the public
  • Which specials are on what days
  • Online reservations

Why Is Perfect for a Restaurant Website

People are all about finding the information they want as soon as they want it. They feel there is no reason why that need for instant gratification shouldn’t be met so they can make a fast decision. provides restaurant website templates that allow you to create a website that is unique like your restaurant. Through a website template, you have a roadmap that helps you build your site fast so that you can make a great first impression among those customers that search the internet before they choose a place to dine.

Restaurant Website Spotlight

Vedge is a vegan restaurant in Philadelphia that has an attractive website that immediately shows visitors its unique twist on vegetables and how it can be a more upscale experience because of how they are cooked. However, it doesn’t have an upscale price, and this can be seen by opening any of the menus on the website.

It is so successful that it has had to integrate a reservation system into the website so that visitors can reserve their table to enjoy a unique vegan experience. Through a GoSpaces restaurant template, you also have the capability of building a website that relays all the proper information, can accept reservations, and makes a statement.

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