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Why try to squeeze your style into a cookie-cutter auction or market page, just like everybody else selling cosmetics online? Instead, create your own Space: a fully-equipped online storefront that lets you list unlimited products and perform ecommerce transactions around the world.

Personalize your Space to really reflect who you are and give your products a luxury showcase that makes customers happy they found you. They’ll remember. Creating a Space is totally free, and you’ll be ready to sell beauty products online in just a few minutes. Don’t worry – we’ll handle all the technical stuff for you.

Create your Space

Physical and Digital Products

Sell physical and digital products directly from your Space. You can even combine the two and offer them as a package - the options are endless.

Recurring Payments

Create a subscription service in minutes, hassle free. We'll take care of everything behind the scenes, all you have to do is take care of the products.


We are automating almost everything. Furthermore, you'll be able to connect your Space with different services for your custom setup needs.

Payment methods

Use any type of payment methods. You can accept payments with credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, convenience stores, and more.


Use Spaces like you would use your own notes block to build your new business. No CSS or HTML editing. No confusing set of options.


Even when you outgrow Spaces, you can continue to use the same platform setup with your own solution.

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