Body Detox & Weight Loss 

Don't be fooled by the price. The benefits cheapen the deal.

Product Review

Looking for a tea that does it all when it comes to detox and weight loss? One of the best organic detox cleanses around. I've been on this tea for 5 days now and have already seen measurable results. The slogan "5 Pounds in 5 Days" is definitely true. I've also had increased energy and improved focus. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an organic cleanse that's quick and easy. Iaso Tea also: Purifies the blood, organs and digestive tract Removes intestinal sludge and all types of waste from the body The tea is easy to prepare, easy to drink without fuss or hassle. Iaso tea works quickly and effectively. Give it a try.

_______________ Kareema

This works! This Works! This Works! Iaso Tea!_________Roc