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I demand 3 things from an ecommerce platform: simplicity, strong features, and perfect function. Do we live in a perfect world? No. But I found my perfect match: GoSpaces, who… nail it at every turn. Scott, ex-Selz customer
Most of my sales are international and I’m no Internet wizard, so I need a store that handles complex shipping, taxes, and all kinds of different payment methods without me digging around in its guts. I thought Selz seemed like the perfect site for me, but… actually too simple. I need easy to use, but I also need to cater to my audience. GoSpaces makes it easier for me to reach a wider audience with my online store. Thank you so much. Ronald, ex-Selz customer
GoSpaces gives you every feature for free. The other guys? They call these features “upgrades” and want to charge you for each one. Enough said! Robert, ex-Selz customer
When I started selling my products online, I quickly moved from auction sites to my own private platform. Since my products are high-volume, low-cost items I thought I found the perfect storefront to try. I didn’t really have any problems with them but when a friend told me about GoSpaces I realized I could have a lot more features in my store, without paying anything extra, easy decision to make! Marylin, ex-Selz customer
GoSpaces gives me full access to all the features they offer without charging any extra fees or making me install additional software. I wish I found you guys first, wow! Alice, ex-Selz customer

Physical and Digital Products

Sell physical and digital products directly from your Space. You can even combine the two and offer them as a package - the options are endless.

Recurring Payments

Create a subscription service in minutes, hassle free. We'll take care of everything behind the scenes, all you have to do is take care of the products.


We are automating almost everything. Furthermore, you'll be able to connect your Space with different services for your custom setup needs.

Payment methods

Use any type of payment methods. You can accept payments with credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, convenience stores, and more.


Use Spaces like you would use your own notes block to build your new business. No CSS or HTML editing. No confusing set of options.


Even when you outgrow Spaces, you can continue to use the same platform setup with your own solution.

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