4 Powerful Psychological Tactics of Persuasive Speakers

Persuasive speakers have the power to make sales, influence positive change in others and to change others’ opinions and beliefs. There are several well-known persuasive speakers in the world today, including Tony Robbins, Marilyn Sherman, Lori Greiner and David Venable. The former two use their power to influence beliefs and promote positive change, while the latter two use their abilities to sell merchandise. The tactics these talented speakers and others use, can be learned and emulated. Here are four psychological tactics of exceptionally persuasive speakers.

1. Using Supply and Demand

David Venable of HSN and Lori Greiner of QVC both use the law of supply and demand as a tactic to sell more goods. As these speakers are describing the item for sale, they are constantly giving verbal updates to the viewers as to how low the inventory is getting. Viewers are encouraged to call in and place their order so they can be sure and get their merchandise before stock runs out. This is a powerful sales tactic that works by increasing demand by limiting supply.

2. Using Hand Gestures

Marilyn Sherman is a classic example of how exceptionally persuasive speakers use hand gestures to engage their audience. All you have to do is watch a few minutes of any Marilyn Sherman speech to see that she frequently implements open arm, open palm gestures. These gestures subconsciously indicate to her audience that she has nothing to hide (open palm), and is giving all of herself that there is to give (wide, open arms).

3. Using Vernacular Language

If you’ve ever seen or even heard Tony Robbins speak, you probably have the opinion that he’s just an ordinary guy. That’s because he carefully plans his speeches that way. Tony Robbins is a multimillionaire motivational speaker who commands top dollar for his speeches and advice. He’s known the world over, and yet he came from a very modest background and has no college degree. Among other tools, Tony Robbins’ secret is that he doesn’t try to impress his audience with complex words and complicated concepts. Instead, he influences people by speaking their language; as one of them. He emphasizes that he’s not special. His simply-delivered message is that anyone can be him; anyone can do what he does. And it works.

4. Pointing at the Viewer

Do you remember the famous Billy Mays TV infomercials? Bill Mays could sell anything to anybody. He moved thousands of units of OxyClean, OrangeGlo and Kaboom off inventory shelves. His secret? He pointed at the viewer. He and his team discovered that pointing at the viewer and then immediately pulling the arms back into the body subconsciously brought viewers into the action, as if Billy was jumping out of the television itself. The tactic worked like a charm, and other salesmen still emulate the late Billy Mays today.

These are all very powerful tactics that you can learn and use starting today. If you have a website and are making the wise choice to incorporate video in your site design, make sure you utilize these amazing selling tactics of the most persuasive speakers.

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