The 7 Most Popular Products to Sell Online Right Now

When it comes to selling products online, you may not get a second chance to make a good impression.

That’s because many individuals are embracing entrepreneurship, and they’re putting effort into finding and offering interesting products to internet shoppers.  

As a result, if the items you sell or plan on selling aren’t able to immediately entice people who visit your online store, you can struggle to attract their attention in the future, even if you start by selling unique products.

So why not start by selling the most popular products online?

The most popular products are simply more wanted, more liked, and more Googled than their unpopular counterparts. Online retailers that sell popular items have all the more buyers to access. For some merchants, such as the ones competing with powersellers on Amazon, eBay and Etsy for business, not considering popular products is business suicide.

You’ll likely get more orders when you sell popular products than when you sell common place goods that have low demand and are way too saturated.

But what are the most popular products to sell on the internet these days? We’ve compiled a list of the 7 hottest items to help you get going.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this list may or may not increase your overall sales. They are simply items that everyone is talking about and searching for these days. Before choosing a product to sell online, conduct due diligence to analyze market potential.

  1. VR Headsets

Consumers worldwide have joined the race to experience virtual reality. Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and other virtual reality headsets are being called the future of entertainment rather than fancy toys. They’re delivering mind-blowing experiences through exceptionally high resolutions, motion controllers, room-scale tracking, and other awesome features. Online merchants who’re going to sell VR headsets will likely see an uptick in orders as the demand for high quality and effective picture rises. Low competition will further add to the revenue.

  1. Matcha

The popularity of matcha has spread outside of Japan. The cult powdered tea is being adored worldwide for its health benefits, especially by the health-conscious segment of consumers. Matcha can be used to make several matcha-flavored products including tea, ice cream, energy bar, and yogurt. It’s even being purported as a better alternative to coffee, Red Bull and other drinks people consume to fuel their day. You can read this case study to learn how to start a matcha eCommerce business from scratch and generate decent revenue in a short span of time.  

  1. Wireless Chargers

A wireless charger is one of the most popular products at the moment. With consumers visioning their futuristic utopia without wires, the market demand for wireless chargers that work with Qi-compatible devices is only going to grow. Grand View Research, Inc. reported that the demand for wireless chargers is going to reach USD 22.25 billion by 2022. Therefore, you can consider selling this popular item through your online store. Most wireless chargers are efficient at charging Samsung’s line of smartphones, but some new releases also support other brands such as Apple’s iPhones and Huawei’s P line.

  1. Stroller

Baby stroller vendors have made technological innovations that have been aimed at improving parent dependency on this item. For instance, they’ve integrating bottle holders, rain covers, adaptors, and several other features to make the baby stroller more comfortable and stylish.  Therefore, it’s a good time for online merchants to target parents in different parts of the world with compact, transformable, and multi-functional stroller options. For instance, you can aim a tandem stroller at a family that is looking to accommodate triplets. According to a Technavio report, the market demand for stroller and pram products is going to rise at a 4% CAGR until 2020.

  1. Beard Oil

Beard oil is trending in the men’s grooming supply niche. The new modern man audience, that is now a coveted demographic in its own category, is using beard oil to make their face hair go from appearing as “meh” to “finely groomed”. Euromonitor’s research report revealed that men’s toiletries – including beard oils – grew to $3.4 billion in 2015 while shaving increased at a half rate to $2.9 billion. The trend continues in 2016, so it’s a good time to get into sourcing and selling beard oil. You can read this case study about how one individual built an eCommerce business that brings in $40k a month by selling beard oil and other products catering to men with beards in under a year.

  1. Human Hair

Merchants and wholesale suppliers from China, Russia, Brazil, India and African countries are vying for a piece of the highly profitable human hair market. Women in all professions are utilizing human hair extensions to supplement their own hair for aesthetic appeal. There is also a consumer group that’s purchasing human hair because of a medical condition that has resulted in hair loss. On that account, selling human hair extensions and other popular products that are based on human hair could become a profitable marketing venture if you source products at a decent price and execute a creative marketing strategy.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil frequently comes up in the list of popular products to sell online. This is a great health-promoting oil that can be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, bug bites solution, etc. Consumers also cook with coconut oil as it contains unsaturated fats that promote well-being. Shopify’s list of winners to the Build A Business contest also includes a product based on coconut oil. It’s a good time to get into this niche and start selling.

How to Discover Popular Products to Sell Online

There are several other popular products you could sell via your online store. But how do you find them? Where do you look for new and trending products that appeal to consumers? We’ve compiled a list of resources you can explore to uncover popular products that keep your hands full with packing and shipping.

  1. Explore Google Trends

Google Trends offers the fastest route to identifying trending products. The 7 popular products mentioned above were verified as trending using the Google Trends tool.

The tool can be used to discover the trend of any product based on the overall search volume, for a week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, or from 2004. You can also compare the search volume of multiple products simultaneously, and see the cities and countries where your product ideas are most in demand.

  1. Reddit Is Your Friend

Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet, and rightly so because you’ll find popular products in the several “subreddits” of the social news aggregator.

Subreddits are niches or sub-categories that have discussions on different areas of interest. It’s within the subreddits you’ll find people discussing the next big things, which go on to become popular products in a short span of time.

If you browse Reddit thoroughly, you’ll come across subrredits where popular products are being discussed.

For instance, Shut Up and Take My Money has discussions on products that people are really into.

  1. B2B & Consumer Marketplaces

By researching some of the best-selling categories and trending pages on B2B and consumer marketplaces, you can get a better idea of consumer trends. Here are the top marketplaces to explore.

  • Alibaba: This is the biggest marketplace in the world. Alibaba connects consumers with manufacturers and wholesalers, mostly from Asia. You can see its best-selling category for popular products.
  • Amazon: This is a popular consumer-oriented marketplace. Merchants can find popular products via Amazon best-sellers (based on sales) and Amazon Movers and Shakers (based on gains in sales rank in the past 24 months). These filters are regularly updated.
  • Global Sources: Global Sources is the place to find and meet reliable exporters from all parts of the world. You can see the most popular products in categories every month on The marketplace keeps you updated on the latest trends.
  • eBay: eBay is also a popular online marketplace. You can explore the Items in Demand page to find the most popular products.

A few more options to find popular products are AliExpress Popular, Kickstarter Discover, and Etsy Trending Items.

  1. Check out Product Review Websites

Product review websites and trend hunting blogs offer the best insight into the latest things people are buying. By subscribing to one of the following websites, you’ll get news related to popular products directly in your inbox.

A subscription to such websites can be your daily dose of the coolest items entering the market. Owners of websites like these hire trend scouts who’re always searching for the hottest items in locations worldwide.

  1. Social Imagery Curation Platforms

Social image curation sites are a good resource when it comes to finding popular products because they give you an insight on what is appealing to consumers. Here are the platforms you should consider for ideation.

  • Instagram: This platform needs no introduction. Product images that receive the most engagement likely feature items that are high in-demand.
  • Polyvore: The platform’s community has developed millions of collage-based sets that people share and discuss. These collages are a great source of trending products.
  • Pinterest: Expanded Ramblings revealed that 79 percent millennials go to Pinterest to find products they want to buy. That means the trending (Pinterest Popular) section is an incredible resource to find popular products to sell.

Wanelo and Fancy are two other platforms you could consider for product ideas.

Final Verdict

While we hope you get something out of the products we shared (provided you start selling them), we hope you get more out of our guidelines on how to discover them. Unless you’re ahead of the game by knowing what’s hot in the market, don’t expect to make good income quickly – it’s all about being the first.

What are your thoughts? Do you have another way of finding popular products? Feel free to leave comments.
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