How to Make Your First $2500 with Facebook Ads

My name is James Kelton and I am the founder of a small startup called Frijita, a company that delivers fajita dinners to events around the world by employing organic farmers globally.

I am always looking for new ways to advertise cheaply online. As the number one social media platform online today, Facebook is still relatively cheap, with some ad programs costing as little as $5.

I've actually run over 20 ad campaigns on Facebook, and I have made triple my money on these expenditures. I have Facebook to thank for just under 30% of my total subscriber and conversion base.

I wanted to make sure that you can take advantage of this information early, just like me. If you are anything like me and in the small business market, you do not have time to run thousands of tests just to see if something works. You need something that gets the job done NOW!

Let's take a look at just a few of the reasons that you should run ads on Facebook:

  • Facebook has 1.5 billion profiles and it is still growing.
  • You get incredibly low minimums along with higher ROI for the more robust campaigns.
  • You get feedback immediately, allowing you to interact with the new potential customers within seconds of placing an ad.
  • You do not need any professional help to get this done - no web designers, no ad pros and no special artists.
  • Facebook has perhaps the easiest user interface for ad programming of any social media site that is online today.

I want to give you the full blueprint of how I made my first $2,500 on Facebook by using a simple method that I was actually able to come up with on my own.

Plan out your targets by seeking out groups that are relevant to your products.

Implement your plan quickly by starting out with a low dollar amount.

Measure the results that you get and improve your campaigns accordingly.

Plus up on your sales by getting the nuances right and scaling up your dollars gradually while maintaining your ROI.

1. Plan Out Your Targets

Start out on the road to success by targeting the people who are most likely to buy. Facebook makes it easy.

If you haven't created a Facebook account and a Facebook Page, do so right now.

Search for the best keywords that seem to be prevalent among your target audience. For example, I used "snack food meals," "fajita heaven," and "Mexican dinners" for a few of mine. You can search out these keywords one by one in the Facebook search box to see what groups are in play and the other places that you can target.

Identify the groups that are most likely to be interested in your product. This will be easy, because you will probably see correspondence that details someone who is looking for exactly what you offer.

Read the comment threads to see what people are looking for.

2. Implement Your Plan Quickly

Go the Facebook ad page and create your first ad.

Your title is incredibly important, as is your description. This is how Facebook indexes your content and delivers it to the people who care. This is where your keywords come in.

Introduce yourself and your company. Facebook is all about personalization. Talk about what problems you can solve, and focus your attention on the discussions that you found in the previous step.

Write informally. 

Include special offers for first responders; they deserve it. Some of my best success comes from these "loss leaders."

3. Measure Your Results

Your campaigns will never be completely right the first time, but with consistent study, you can make them incredibly precise on Facebook.

Keep track of the questions that you get over and over. This is fodder for a FAQ.

If you are driving content in your comment threads, you are doing great. Answer your new customers quickly and authentically.

Repeat this process while your ads are running, then take the time to categorize the results.

4. Plus Up Your Sales

If your ads are successful on a small scale, they will be successful on a large scale. Once you have worked out the kinks, you can scale up in dollars and reach more people faster.

Make sure that your key performance metrics are the real metrics that will improve your business. If you are looking for conversions, then focus on that. However, your strategy may be acquisitions. If so, do not confuse your metrics!

Scale up your winning ads! Forget about the losers, but keep the data to make sure that you do not make the same mistakes twice!

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